In search of Blue Berry Farm Miyabien in Guma Pan

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What is Blue Berry Farm Miyabien?


Blueberry Farm Miyabien is a hidden jewel in the center of Japanese fish.This fascinating farm is famous for its lush blueberry orchard.
A fresh and juicy blueberry that allows you to immerse yourself in the calm beauty of nature while choosing your own.

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Great farm.We are working on keeping you the latest information, development and attractions, so we can plan to visit with confidence.

location and accessibility


It is important to know how to get it before starting a blueberry adventure.Blueberry Farm Miyabien is located in a convenient place for Japanese fish
Make it easy to access in both public transport and cars.Is you traveling from, another part of Tokyo or Japan
There is no hitch to provide detailed instructions to reach this idyllic destination.

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Gunma Japan.CUAHANGTRAICAY.comkháther Please follow me Gumma
JAPAN’s MIYABI-EN Farm bạnnhé.

Seasonal joy


Blueberry Farm Miyabien boasts a variety of blueberry species.
Ripe at various times throughout the keeps you
Blueberry with a loop about the best time to visit so that you can taste fresh food.From early summer to late autumn, you
Experience the constant color and flavor pallet of the farm.

Activity and attractions


Beyond blueberry picking, blueberry farm Miyabien provides many activities
Attraction for visitors of all provides A
From a scenic picnic and nature, walk to a workshop where you can learn about the cultivation of a comprehensive wrist blueberry that you can expect,
A Japanese agricultural tradition.

joy of cooking


Blueberries are not just picking.They are for taste again! introduces attractive cafes on farms.
Snacks on the theme of delicious blueberries.From blueberry tart to fresh ones
Brewed with blueberry tea, some satisfy all the cords.

Environment -friendly Practis

In the Blueberry Farm Miyabien, sustainability is the highest priority.Not only ensures the quality of the farm, but also adopts environmentally friendly agricultural practices.
It protects the environment as well as their agricultural is digging into it
Commitment to the sustainability of the farm, so you can feel better with support.

I plan to visit

MIYABI-EN, which plans to travel to Blue Berry Farm, has some considerations.Admission fee, business hours, reservation policy, etc. covers all essential details, streamload visits and have a seamless and happy experience.

What to bring

Preparation is indispensable to make the most of your trip. offers a checklist of items to be brought with you.Comfortable clothes, sunscreen, and newly selected container

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now, let’s deal with some common questions that you might have about Blue Berry Farm Miyabien:

* Q1: Can you access BlueBerry Far? *Yes, the farm is open
From early summer to late keeps you in the latest state every year.

* Q2: Is there an admission fee? *Yes, there is an admission fee, but it depends on the age of the provides
Current price setting information.

* Q3: Do I need to make a reservation? * Reservation especially during the peak season.Guidance on offer reservation process.

* Q4: Is there a cafe on the farm? *Yes, Blueberry Farm Miyabien is a fun cafe where you can enjoy blueberry -style dishes.

* Q5: Is there an environmentally friendly initiative on the farm? *absolutely,
Farms are working on environmentally friendly highlights some of these initiatives.


Blueberry Farm Miyabien in Japan is a fascinating destination and provides blends of natural beauty, joy of cooking, and cultural experience.
Thanks to, I got all necessary information
Plan your visit and make the most of this fascinating blueberry farm.So what are you waiting for?Pack your luggage and follow the ripe blueberries
An unforgettable adventure at the Blueberry Farm Miyabien!


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