Find the happiness of Hamada Orchard in Hokkaido.


If you’re like a fruit, you’re traveling to be happy.Ochard Fruit Farmhouse welcomed by * Hamada, a long landscape of Hokkaido
_ Hidden jewelry waiting for the investigation in this article, we recommend this beautiful orchard and provide detailed information about it.
I will propose suggestions and how to visit the most.In addition, let’s start this fruit adventure together.

Orchard Hamada Farm House Frucky Hamada?


Hamada Orchard, a fruit farmer.Its name is the fruit of the fruit.The couple is located in a beautiful area in Hokkaido in Japan.This orchard is
Things that are dedicated to planting the best fruits that you have tasted so far will sound peaches on apple and everything.In the meantime, this orchard is proud.
Various fruits and fruits that are impressive.

Orchard favor


Various fruits

If you step into Hamada Hamada Orchard, you will find yourself.It is surrounded by an orchard that looks like an endless end.Here you can enjoy the file.
The sweetness of fresh fruits is selected for the maximum ripeness from cherry.Pear goes to the grapes and fruits.Each of the fruits is proven to the orchard. Dedicated to quality

Organic and sustainable agriculture

One of the outstanding features of this orchard is a commitment that is organic, Sustainable Farm, fruit farmer Hamada.
Orchard is proud.Not only is it delicious, but we make grown fruits.Unity with nature, you can taste these fruits with knowledge
They are cultivated by environmental care.

Fruit Ochard Experience


Select your own fruits.

What is the cause of the fruits of Hamada Orchard, which is different from other things, is an opportunity for visitors to choose their own fruits.Think about walking.Columns of wood, full fruits
From the brunch, it is an experience that connects nature and permission.You will be grateful to the table for the essence of the freshness of the farm.


To improve the visit, Orchard provides information and proposes a participation house.These tours provide detailed research on the orchard farms.
We are grateful for the historical techniques of fruit cultivation and the production of great process crafts

Tasting delicious fruits

After exploring the orchard and learning about the practice, you can do it.To enjoy your pleasant fruit that sinks your teeth with the taste of Hokkaido
You want to taste those best samples.Your preference in this unique region.

How to go there?


It is easy to visit the fruits in Hamada Orchard.In Hokkaido, you can easily access it by car or public transport if you are
If you move from a distance, you can book an accommodation that is close to the maximum use of your visit.

Do not miss it!


Therefore, whether you are a fruit fan or the person looking for a unique, and the remaining experiences in the fruits of Hamada Hamada Orchard.
A destination that must be visited to like the beauty of nature and this.Don’t forget to follow the wonderful orchard.The latest
Updated about the fruit farmer Hamada Orchard Hokkaido Day

And now we will answer common questions about this special orchard

General questions

Q1: Is there the first admission fee for visiting Hamada Orchard Fruit?

There is no first fee to enter the orchard.Pay only fruits.

Q2: When is the best time to visit the fruit storage?

The perfect time to store fruits in fruit farmers Hamada orchard.Choose fruits according to the type of fruit you want to choose in general
The season starts at the end of spring and lasts until summer and early autumn.Check the Orchard Web site for preparation for specific fruits.

Q3: Can I buy fruits to take home?

Yes, you can buy a newly selected fruit and take it home as a souvenir of Orchard.Some products use various fruits such as jam and juice.

Q4: Is there a facility for children in the orchard?

Yes, Fruit Farm House Hamada Orchard Friendly, there are facilities for children, including playgrounds and educational activities

Q5: Is there a restaurant in that place?

Yes, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy food made from fresh fruits.And local ingredients

Q6: Do you have a tour in English?

Yes, there is an English tour guide for foreign visitors.Check out the Orchard website or ask when you arrive for the availability of the tour

Therefore, please plan to visit your Hamada Hamada farmer fruits today and immerse yourself.You are in the world of fresh fruits and taste.Don’t miss this opportunity.
Enjoy the essence of the rich fruit and trugs in Hokkaido.

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