Explore the delights of the Miyabi-en Bleuets farm in Gumma, Japan,

If you are passionate about fruit with a passion to discover jewels
Hidden the world, then Blueberry Farm Miyabi-en in Gumma, Japan, is a
place that you absolutely have to visit. Niche in the middle of green landscapes
luxuriant and vasting of the sucking blueberries you have
never tasted, this charming farm offers an unforgettable experience for
All of this article, we will take you to a virtual day to
Blueberry Farm Miyabi-en, sharing everything you need know
Take advantage of your visit as much as possible. So wrap your bags and prepare yourself
For a Berrylicious adventure!

Go to the Miyabi-en Blueberry Farm

Access to this idyllic haven is relatively simple.
You can make a picturesque train route for Gumma, which offers a
breathtaking test seen on the Japanese countryside. Once you
Arrive in Gumma, a short taxi or the bus route will take you to the farm.
Voyage itself is an experience, as you will attend the transition
From urban agitation to serene rural beauty.

Seasonal delights

Blueberry Farm Miyabi-en is a place that celebrates the seasons. Shall when
You visit, you can enjoy different varieties of blueberries.
farm harvest season usually starts at the start of the summer, towards
The end of June, and continues until August. For this time, the Blueberries are
their juic and sweetest. Choose your own berries is no
only fun but also a sensory delight. Imagine fold a blueberry
ripe and taste its flavor of flavor right there on the ground!

The experience “Everything you can choose”

One of the highlights of the farm is the experience “All you can
Choose “. For a fresh fixed, you will receive a basket and you can choose
As many blueberries as you wish.It is a fantastic opportunity to
Connect with nature, to bind to family and friends, and of course,
take advantage of an abundance of delicious blueberries. The friendly staff is
Always on site to offer advice on selecting the best

Beyond the Blueberries

While the Blueberries are the star of the Miyabi-en show, the farm offers
more than just picking up. You can explore charming paths of
hike that winds through orchards, allowing you to dip in
the quiet atmosphere and admire the beautiful landscapes. This is the perfect setting
For a quiet walk and some photos worthy of Instagram to cut
the breath.

Japanese hospitality

Japanese hospitality, often called “omotenashi”, is something that
You experience in abundance in Blueberry Farm Miyabi-en. The personnel is
warm, welcoming and eager to make sure you have a visit
Memorable, it is to offer you freshly infused tea or share
ideas on migensive blueberries, they go beyond to make you feel
at your place.

What to bring

Before you embark on your trip to Blueberry Farm Miyabi-en, there are
some essentials to be wrapped. Comfortable walking, a
Hats off large edges, sunscreen, and a reusable bottle of water is
A must. Do not forget your camera or your smartphone to capture
picturesque moments.

Pro tips for your visit

Here are some initiate tips to improve your visit:

  1. _ * Timing Matters * _: arrive early in the day to avoid crowds and get the first choice of the best blueberries.

  2. _ * Stay hydrated * _: The sun can be intense, so continue to sip water to stay refreshed.

  3. _ * Try the blueberry treats * _: Make sure you taste some of the DeliciEuses treats with blueberries available at the Café de la Ferme.

  4. _ * Discover the culture * _: Engage with the staff to learn more about the culture of blueberries and the history of the farm.

Explore more

To stay up to date with the latest information on Blueberry Farm Miyabi-
In Gumma Japan, visit the Cuahangtraicay.com.suivre fruit section
Cuahangtraic.com for more information and exciting details
Enchantress destination subject.


_ * Q1: * _ There are admission fees to enter the Blueberry Farm

_ * A1: * _ Yes, there are admission fees, which include a basket for
The blueberries picked. The prices may vary depending on the season,
It is therefore a good idea to check their website for current prices.

_ * Q2: * _ Can I bring my children to the farm?

_ * A2: * _ absolutely! Blueberry Farm Miyabi-en is a family destination.
Children will have an explosion to pick blueberries and explore the
Surial surrounding scenic.

_ * Q3: * _ Are there installations to picnic on the farm?

_ * A3: * _ Yes, there are designated picnic areas where you can
Take advantage of the blueberries you have chosen. This is a wonderful way of
Savor the fruits in the middle of nature.

So there you go, everything you need to know about the charming firm of
miyabi-en blueberries in Gumma, Japan. This is a place where you can
Connect with nature, treat yourself to delicious blueberries and create
unforgettable memories. Pinch your visit today and savor the
Magic of this paradise with Japanese blueberries!


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