Please discover the Japanese dunes 2024 in Tottori

hello everyone.We will share attractive information about topics, “Please discover Tottori’s Japanese dunes 2024.”This is a great experience
People who love travel and want to discover the unique beauty of Japan.We will guide you to an unforgettable journey in the infinite sandy path to the towering dunes.

History and location of Tottori Sandhill


“Tottori Sandhill, also known as Tottori Sakyu, is located west of the state.
This version attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.The sand, which has a beach and sand on the Japanese coast, has been there for thousands of years.
And it will be a symbol of the cultural and natural nature of this country.

This sand is sanded from the sand waves blowing from the sand wave.This place has a long history, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

Experience at Tottori Sandhill


First.Walk on infinite sand

When you arrive at Tottori Hill, you will be impressed first.You will have it with a huge dunge sand
I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a beautiful desert.This sand is also known as “Sahara Japan.”

2.Please relax with a sandbike

Another interesting experience at Totto Hill is to run sandbikes.You can rent a friend sand bike and find all the angles of the sandhill in a sense
comfortable.This makes your trip more interesting and exciting.

3.Please see the Tottori Hill Museum

If you want to better understand the history and formation of Tottori Hill,
You can visit the Tottori Hill Museum.This museum has many artifacts and communication. Interesting news about sand and surrounding areas.


Four .Please see the sunset at Tottori Sand Hill

There is nothing more interesting to see the sunset in Totto Sandhill.In the standing high sandwich Hills, watching the sea and the sunset is a memorable experience.
This is also a great opportunity to take beautiful pictures.

Best sightseeing season


Spring and autumn are the best sightseeing season in Tottori Hill.In this regard, the weather here is the most comfortable, and the sand looks particularly attractive.
In summer, the temperature may be very high, making it more difficult to move on the sand.

Please be careful when visiting


When visiting Tottori Sand Hill, don’t forget to follow the rules and instructions.
Location manager reading.This maintains the intact of Tottori Sandhill, which helps protect the environment of nature and dui.



Totti Sand Hill Experience is the best trip to relax. Find the beauty of nature in Japan.Infinite sand, sunset
Mandala and many interesting activities have memories here.please do not
Forget to visit the Tottrissand Hill Museum to understand the history and poison culture.

Please visit Tottori Sandhill while traveling in 2024 Please enjoy this experience in spring and autumn, especially beautiful scenery.
The most comfortable weather.Get ready for a great adventure Please forget to bring a camera to record a memorable moment.

Tottori Sand Hill FAQ

There are some common questions about the Totti Sandhill we want here I share with you:

beginning.How to go to Tottori Hill from Tokyo? Up to Tottori Sandhill, you can use Shinkansen trains and aircraft vehicles in Tokyo.
The travel time depends on the means you choose, but both have their own interests.

* 2.What are the activities other than visiting Sandhills here? * You can visit Tottori Sandhill and visit a nearby place like an ancient village
Amedaki and Uradome Beach.If you are Y, you can enjoy sports, you can do it, such as sand surfing and sand slides.

* 3.What kind of festival will be held at Tottori Hill? *Tottori Sandhill
We hold many events and festivals throughout the year.One of the floating events is “Tottori Dues Festival”.
Fun, music, light festival.

* Four .Do I need to prepare when I go to Totti Sanda Hill? *When going to Tottori Sandhill
Prepare cool clothes and comfortable shoes to walk on the sand.Glass, sunscreen, and drinking water to protect your health that should not be forgotten in tropical weather.

We hope that this information will help you see a clear perspective.let’s
Discover the unique beauty of this place and create memorable memories.
Don’t forget to follow up to update the latest information on topics “discover Sandhill Tottori Japan 2024.”

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