Experience 6 workplaces in Tokyo in Japan 2024

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is famous for the amazing beauty of Japanese culture.
Sacred temples and is a very suitable city for these things.Lovers running in 2024
There is a remarkable event that will occur in Tokyo.
Attracting thousands of athletes and sports fans from all over the world
PEC to help you prepare for jogging in Tokyo.
Book 6, a great place for you to experience

First. _ * Visit the central area of Tokyo * _

The central area of Tokyo is a starting point that is perfect for jogging.
Friends. With the scenery and trees in a prosperous city.
The right place to start the new day with the morning run.

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Exercise in Tokyo in Japan 2024

2 * Ueno Park – Indulge in nature *

Ueno Park is a favorite destination for local people and tourists.
With clear blue lakes and smooth meadows. This is the right place for you.
Short exercise session

3 * Odaiba Island – discover many destinations *

Odaiba island presenting unique work experience with modern landscapes and
Beautiful sea view, discovering the rainbow bridge and enjoyingModern city area

3.1 _ * Run along the coast * _ _

One of the special things in the island of Odaiba is that you can enjoy the atmosphere.
Fresh sea while running along the coast

4 ** Royal Shinjuku Gyoen Garden – the perfect combination of nature

And architecture **

Shinjuku Gyoen Royal Garden brings a quiet and elegant area to
You can relax while running, with a spacious walkway and Da Dok Dok.
This form is a place that is suitable for enjoying the natural space between the center.

5 * Asakusa Ultular Old – Enjoy history *


Asakusa is one of the old roads that have brave Japanese culture.
Along the streets of the stone paved with stone, you can explore a small nook and see ancient temples.

6 * SUGINAMI area – Modern and traditional integration *

It is a space that blends together between modern architecture and areas.
Green. This is where you will experience a variety of city areas in the session.
Running exercise.


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